Mowing Bid

Benton Airport Mowing Bid

See Photo with red outline for estimated mowing area.

Approximately 30-40 feet of mowing around all of airport lane, airport paved parking areas, runway and taxiway. This includes areas around airport terminal and George Harrison mural that may differ from the 30-40 feet paved area estimate. See attached Google maps image with red outline. Areas to be mowed are inside of the red outline. The public side of the airport along the roadway, is mostly fenced and mowing would be up to the fence lines. On the airport side, mowing would be around the runways/taxiway, parking/hangars and areas around the airport windsock and airfield lighting. For informational use, the runway is 4002 feet long and 75 feet wide.
Selected bidder will be required to have at least 1-million-dollar liability insurance and utilize your own mowing equipment. The mowing equipment is required to fly large safety orange flags while mowing around the runways and taxiway areas. Mowed clippings are not allowed to be blown into roadways, runway, taxiway, or any other paved areas within this job.
Mowing would be required every 10 days for April, May, Sep, Oct of 2021 and every 15 days in June and July of 2021.
Selected bidder will need to attend an informational session with the airport manager to review procedures to be followed, and a tour of the exact mowing areas needed.

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