Twin Oaks

Lake Hamilton – Benton, IL 62812
For Details and Availability Call City Hall  at 618-439-6131

This facility is available to rent March through November. Rental Fee includes kitchen facilities.
Please call City Hall 618-439-6131 for more rental information


The venue comes equipped with tables and chairs. Here are the details on the specs of the building and
what is included with the rental to help you better plan your event:
Lifetime (brand name) chairs and tables
-130 chairs with 17″ wide seat with a 34″ high back and seat height of 18″
-25 round tables at 60″ in diameter and standing 29″ tall
-5 rectangle tables at 96″ long, 36″ wide and 29″ high

Building dimensions:
-80′ x 40′ at a total of 3,200 square feet
-ceiling height reaches 10 1/2′ at the 10′ end and 15 1/2′ at the center